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Carly Stein had been getting sick ever since she could remember. While the show had this tremendous fantasy element, notes Nixon, there was a rule in the writer's room, which was that any plot line that we had could only have happened to one of the writers directly or happened to someone that one of the writers knew first hand.

Collection 3 was partly inspired by Sister Rosetta Tharpe and other Black women in music, so honoring their contributions by collaborating with Brother Vellies felt like home. And, of course, he had to give the trend his own unique stamp. They have the power to change your mood and Golden Goose Sneakers to alter, not your personality, but your persona at that moment.

James designed the shoes for Jean-Raymond's Collection 3, which was shown at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn during New York Fashion Week spring 2020 and served as the finale to Jean-Raymond's collection American Also fashion show trilogy. More than likely, he was wearing a pair of sneakers similar to these now uber-popular styles.

As our lives return to a degree of normalcy, morning commutes no longer mean a walk to and from the bedroom. Miner, formerly director of operations at Bode, and Miesmer, a startup and direct-to-consumer brand veteran, have since landed a place on Net-a-Porter's Vanguard mentorship program, which highlights emerging designers.

Also looking incredibly gorgeous was Kourtney Kardashian. Not only did I actually feel short backstage at a handful of fashion shows, but I fell in love with flat shoes, and as Vogue's accessories director, this devotion has only deepened. Choreographed by Jessica Lang and set to songs recorded by Tony Bennett Lang frequently sets her pieces to Bennett's tunes, the dance was made even more delightful by the costumes whipped up by Wes Gordon, the creative director of Carolina Herrera.

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