How To Build Blessing Hammer Paladin Magic Find Build in D2R

Because of Blessed Hammer's incredible damage output and the protection provided by Holy Shield, Hammerdin has the ability to breeze through any type of content currently available in Diabo 2 Resurrected

Because of Blessed Hammer's incredible damage output and the protection provided by Holy Shield, Hammerdin has the ability to breeze through any type of content currently available in Diabo 2 Resurrected. Furthermore, the build is capable of completing the task while equipped with Magic Finding-related equipment and accessories. Therefore, cheap D2R ladder items shouldn't be surprising that it's the most popular build for season 1 of Diablo 2 Resurrected, given its popularity.

Our take on the Magic Finding Hammerdin build for the end-game can be found in the section below, along with some additional information. This powerful character takes advantage of Blessed Hammer's incredible damage output (with maxed synergies and sufficient +Skills, a single Hammer can easily deal 15+k damage), even on Players7 difficulty, in order to farm in level 85 areas. It is capable of competing with powerful spells such as Lightning Sorc and the PitZerker in terms of MF efficiency while also outperforming them in terms of survivability if equipped with sufficient Magic Find.

The only attribute you really need is enough Strength to equip everything you'll want to use on your character, which is all that you'll really need in terms of Strength.

This build is focused on maximum block, so the amount of Dexterity you desire will be determined by the equipment you use. As a reminder, you should cap your dexterity points AFTER you have cast your Holy Shield to avoid overusing your abilities and wasting your attributes.



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All of your remaining points should be allocated to Vitality, as this is the most important stat to consider.

Points for Energy - Accumulating points for Energy is a complete waste of time that should be avoided at all costs.


This skill tree will provide us with two of the most important abilities for this build - the Blessed Hammer and the Holy Shield - as well as a number of other useful abilities. First and foremost, the build's primary damage-dealing skill, which can rip through anything buy D2R runes comes into contact with, and second, a very powerful defensive skill that makes achieving Maximum Block a formality rather than a difficult ordeal to accomplish.

Smite 1/20 - This is a necessary skill. An attack that makes use of Shield to deal damage to your opponents while also stuning them and knocking them back.

It is necessary to have the following prerequisites:holy bolt 1/20 is a required spell. When it hits friendly units, a bolt of holy energy deals damage to undead and heals them at the same time.

Charging 1/20 - Closes the distance between the player and an opponent, striking the opponent with a bash to close the distance between the two. The ability to move quickly can be extremely useful as a mobility skill until you are able to obtain an Enigma weapon of your own.

When the magic hammer is summoned, Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Xbox One has a 20/20 chance of summoning an enemy, and diablo 2 resurrected items spirals outward, damaging those it hits. When dealing with the undead, the damage dealt by the Blessed Hammer is increased by a factor of two. This incredible Skill has a massive amount of damage potential, making it a must-have. When equipped with the proper gear, the ability can easily deal 17k Damage per hit, making it one of the most powerful abilities available in the game. If you have any questions about this ability, please contact us. You will not have to worry about dealing with enemy immunities because of this ability, which is the primary offensive ability of this build. It deals Magic Damage.

Holy Shield X/20 - This shield has been magically enhanced in order to provide additional protection. Almost every Paladin Build includes Maximum Block as a result of this incredible ability - you should devote all of your remaining points to this area of the build.


With the help of this tree, we'll be able to learn some utility skills as well as one of the Blessed Hammer's Synergy Skills.

Capabilities include:

Prayer 1/20 - This is a precondition for the rest of the prayers. Heals all of the members of the party at the same time.

Disobedience is a serious offense.1/20 - This is a prerequisite for the game. The overall defense of the entire party is boosted as a result of this.

The first twenty minutes of cleansing are mandatory. Curses and poisons are less effective for all members of the party when this ability is used.

Everyone in the party benefits from Vigor 20/20, which increases their speed, stamina, and ability to recover after being fatigued. Even though diablo 2 resurrected items provides a great deal of utility, you want to make the most of it to the greatest extent possible because it synergizes with Blessed Hammer.

The option to redeem yourself on the twentieth day is an optional one. The attempt to redeem corpses for Health and Mana is made on a regular basis and is quite successful. Using this utility aura on your Mercenary can restore significant amounts of mana and health, but D2R runes for sale is not strictly necessary if you are using Insight on your Mercenary as a secondary ability. The ability to Redemption will come in handy in a variety of situations if you decide to equip your Merc with something other than Insight (such as Reaper's Toll, for example D2R ladder items).


We're going to use Offensive Auras to take Blessed Hammer's damage to an entirely new level by boosting it with additional damage. Due to the fact that it synergizes with the Blessed Aim, as well as the fact that its damage scales with Concentration, it has become popular.

Capabilities include:

Might 1/20 - This is a mandatory skill level. Increases the amount of damage that members of the party are able to deal.

Blessed Aim 20/20 - An Aura that raises the target's Attack Rating by one point for the duration of the spell. This is Blessed Hammer's Synergy Skill, and you should take advantage of it to the fullest extent possible to maximize your effectiveness.

Concentration that is made a conscious effortThe effect of 20/20 is to increase damage while also decreasing the likelihood of your attacks being interrupted. Contrary to popular belief, despite the fact that Blessed Hammer deals Magic Damage, the aura surrounding the weapon has a positive effect on the player. Always keep it activated, and make sure to reactivate it after using Enigma's Teleportation ability to avoid losing your place.

Item(s) of particular interest

D2R ladder items store is essential for Hammerdin to have higher Cast Rate, and you should strive to obtain enough of  to improve your Hammers and Enigma (we recommend achieving the 75 FCR Breakpoint as a minimum, but the 125 FCR Breakpoint should be your ultimate objective). Additionally, high-level skills (such as Blessed Hammer and Concentration, to name a couple of examples) are essential because they will significantly increase your damage output. You should also stack Magic Find with the other stats you have, because this is a Magic Finding-based build. A little extra Health and Vitality is always welcome, as it allows you to be a little more resilient in your daily life. Additionally, increased stamina/stamina regen, along with faster hit recovery, faster run/walk, and increased hit recovery, are all extremely advantageous.

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